• Generally I just ignore trollers, but on this journal it’s trivial to delete comments, and if you do troll me, it had better have some value. Be amusing or insightful or whatever. If you can’t be amusing or insightful and you troll me, your comment’s going in the trash. Consider this your fair warning.
  • Another note: I consider this blog and all of my communications on the Internet as extensions of my Real Life. If you intrude on that, consider you are intruding on my Real Life, and I will engage you in Real Life, if at all. This means you don’t get to say that it was just pretend. If you communicate with me, it’s in Real Life.

Link Exchanges:

  • Aside from listing folks I know and like in my blogroll, I don’t do link exchanges. Please don’t solicit me about them. I’m not interested.

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