It’s my conceit that the big pharamceutical and big diet companies have bankrupted some scientific reporting and also heavily influence scientific research, scientific publishing and government regulation of the following areas/disorders/conditions:

  • Fatness and fitness
  • Cholesterol control
    • Cholesterol’s effect on Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
  • Diabetes
  • Risks of CHD and CVD in general

In addition, I have personally observed the use of statistical rhetoric (the use of statistics, manipulated and phrased in rhetorical ways) to further particular agendas that are clearly related to the agendas of the diet industry and the pharmaceutical industries. I expect given the narrow context in which I saw it used that this kind of thing happens a lot in the research and I intend to find it out and document it here.

Sub-pages will list the various different categories in which I find and sometimes statistically or mathematically proof-read primary sources. This page will present general findings and argue the points I’m trying to make in brief.

I expect to do a lot of work over years or months on this project. At some point I may also introduce a rating system to the lists of links that I make on the various different sub-pages. For now, expect that the bibliographies will largely be oriented toward my way of seeing things. When I start really doing heavy analysis and double-checking I may start presenting opposing viewpoints with some sort of rating for rhetoric and reliability.

Also note that I am not allowing comments on these works. I may write blog posts about them and allow comments there. If you have a bone to pick you’ll have to either do it in your own space or you are welcome to e-mail me about your concerns. It will be my prerogative whether I choose to publicly or privately address your concerns (either directly with you or in general).