Mostly I’m doing this for my own benefit. I am tired of pointless and costly doctors’ visits where I get costly test ordered for what I consider to be no reason. Where I get in endless conversations with doctors about cholesterol lowering drugs (in which I have no faith), to treat what seem to me to be imagined symptoms of very poorly established threats.

I’m also a loudmouth and now that I’ve convinced myself that I’m right about this trend in health reporting being a trend and am convinced additionally that our reporting infrastructure is rife with organizations and interests who are primarily concerned with justifying their existence in a situation where there really isn’t a solid justification, I would like to not only be able to say so but say so with some backing, so my ultimate goal is some semblance of completion so I can point folks over here to see the homework I’ve done to back up my claims.

This project is partly for myself but I also figure it would help other folks if they’re looking for a second opinion on contemporary medical reporting.

Given that I’m not paid to be a statistician or an epidemiologist and also given that I am engaged in Eldercare for my father and have other claims on my free time, although my aspiration is to do statistical analysis on a wide range of the listed articles and provide statistical evidence for my assertions, it’s more likely that these pages will better serve as a bibliography for other researchers interested in these topics. Still, any findings I do make I will publish here.

I do need to say that I am not a doctor or a lawyer or any other type of licensed professional. No one regulates me or certifies me or vouches for me. Any errors in mathematics are probably my own, and I don’t want anyone to take this data as medical advice. If you are concerned you have a medical issue, you should take care of that first with regulated, licensed, certified providers and then read this stuff for a laugh.

Also, my findings are my own. If you learn anything from this writing, it should be to double-check other folks’ work and do your own work.

Malcolm Gin is not a doctor, a lawyer or a medical professional of any kind. Malcolm Gin recommends that you talk with your doctor specifically about your concerns before electing to refuse or avoid any treatment. These statistics are provided for information only and are not guaranteed to be accurate or indicate of any kind of treatment. Malcolm Gin does not even warrant the mathematics behind the figures. Malcolm Gin provides sources for the statistics he uses where possible, and encourages you to do your own research and your own double checking.