Cloaking Engaged!

Since I’m on a job search, I’m going to cloak all but the most utilitarian and objective posts on this blog.

I also may tweak the sign-up rules or something.

But anyhow, just a little bit about the job search:

I’m a 20 year IT professional, most recently an all-hats wearing Ops guy for the past 7 years, supporting primarily Windows-based SharePoint farms, but also various other farms, some not Windows. As a senior resource in the team I’m often tasked with figuring new things out, scripting, integrating various kinds of data, reverse engineering things, documenting them, working with other IT specialists to figure out how to hook their stuff up to my stuff, leveraging my knowledge of authentication (Kerberos, claims, simple) and cryptography (encryption, certificates, Kerberos), and other neat and interesting side-interests and geekeries (Network design/engineering/troubleshooting, caching, data integration, data and search architecture, systems design and engineering, OSX, UNIX, Linux, file translations and encodings, etc., ad infinitum).

My latest assignments:

  • Splunk (end-to-end implementations including focus on field extractions and other back-end configurations, as well as configuring searches, dashboards and apps/plugins)
  • SharePoint 2013 end-to-end Implementation, including requirements gathering and analysis, full SDLC engineering, design and implementation of farm, and migration of SharePoint 2010 teamsites and custom intranets to the new SharePoint 2013 farm, application proxying or other ways of abstracting SharePoint 2013 farms across (AD) domain and network domains.

So that’s my geek life in a nutshell.

At home I like cooking and food experiments and beer and gaming (board and video) and the exploring endless wonders and boundless seas of the Internet, all in the company of my sweetie and my cat.

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