Scope of my Engineering work

Especially when talking with local professional/paid UNIX/Linux admins, I often get dismissed because I work with Windows. I think that kind of attitude is lamentable. I’ve been a professional systems engineer with Windows servers 75% or so of my life, and while I’m not as good at UNIX/Linux, I get was trained up with (in school) BSD UNIX and continue to use Ubuntu as part of my Apple computing platforms at home (I have 3 Apple computers as well as 4 iOS devices at home). And yes, I use Terminal a lot, though to be honest, most of what I do at home is either gaming or using browsers with Internet-based applications.

Editors? I prefer vi.

I believe that it’s possible and preferable to deploy servers (Windows, UNIX, whatever) in a clean state so that logs show few if any regular notifications for any warning or higher priority event on a scale of minutes, hours, days. I believe that if you do that job and do other jobs of layering application layers on top of that clean state, that your servers will not require reboots for troubleshooting or maintenance.

This is the standard to which I aspire when I do my systems engineering work.

Anyway, by the numbers:

  • Production users: ~100,000/day
  • Total size of hosted content: ~ 17 TB
  • Total capacity of storage: ~ 75 TB
  • Peak IOps: ~40,000
  • Production farm servers:
    • Database Clusters: 7 (across 5 SharePoint farms)
    • SharePoint farm servers: ~30 (across 5 SharePoint farms)

I’ll add more specs as I have them and can share them.

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