Activities of Late (Spring 2015)

With April came a change in my working patterns.

No longer associated with my previous employer of almost 8 years, I’m left with some much-needed independence and down time.

I am applying for job roles that are specifically not in in Ops or DevOps. I may change my tune depending on how things go, but for now I want a break from 24/7 or shift-based on-call work on top of regular hours. That said, I am a very loyal employee and have proven that with 7 years of that type of work – when I am on shift or responsible for monitoring phones, I certainly do set a standard for excellence that I’m sure my employer will miss.

Current projects, aside from applying for jobs in Technical Writing, Quality Assurance/Testing And Customer Service:

  • Handling the transition – paperwork paperwork paperwork!
  • Blogging about geeky things
    This is probably the most interesting to you. To ease this change, I’ve opened another blog (my Geek Blog) that’s focused specifically on blogging about geeky enthusiasms. I’ll reserve this blog for less professional-oriented stuff, and you can probably consider the MS-related professional tech blog mothballed for now.
  • Trying to figure out if I want to open a geek and social justice-related small business, and whether it might be practical
    If I make significant progress I can write about in that regard, I’ll post about it on the geek blog.

I’ll keep an eye on Analytics here and restore any now-hidden articles that seem to get traffic from Google or other referrers, as a public service, but do go check out the Geek Blog or find me on Facebook and follow what I choose to publish there instead (largely personal stuff).

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