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  • Inspiron 1521 – Total makeover!

    Please read the Update 2 at the bottom for how this finally turned out (poorly). The guidance I give is good, I think, in general, but for this platform, not so much. The hard drive issues continue to this day, no matter which drive I use. I have decided to abandon the laptop entirely and…

  • 3M Privacy Filter – Extra Tabs

    This is largely for my own reference, but I bought this ungodly expensive 3M Privacy filter for the spare 21.6″ monitor that I own but am using at work, and I noticed that the one-time stick-on tabs that they provision you to help keep the filter properly placed on the monitor are one-time stick-on, and…

  • Caltech: The Mechanical Universe Series on Learner.org

    I promised my cow-orker/friend N that I’d post links for these in my blog for her son, so here they are. (Newly updated for 2018!)