3M Privacy Filter – Extra Tabs

This is largely for my own reference, but I bought this ungodly expensive 3M Privacy filter for the spare 21.6″ monitor that I own but am using at work, and I noticed that the one-time stick-on tabs that they provision you to help keep the filter properly placed on the monitor are one-time stick-on, and not reusable, so I wondered, “Where, I wonder, do I get extra stick-on tabs?”

And then with a very little creative Googling, I found the link.

Looks like the request is even free.

Updated 7/19/2011: Updated link. Looks like it’s still free

Updated 4/12/2015: Updated link. Still free.

3 responses to “3M Privacy Filter – Extra Tabs”

  1. It’s quite good, does exactly as advertixsed.

    In principle it seems like it’s a thinnish film with printed lines that go all the way through, so it works more like open venetian blinds than, as popularly conceived, a fancy polarization film. I can see why they’re expensive.

    Anyhow, in use, it tends to dim the display quite a bit, so I wouldn’t use it on dim displays. Also, if you share the screen, you have to remember to take it out and put it somewhere where it won’t get goo or particles on it, or be very close with whoever you’re sharing it with.

    But beyond that, it does wonderfully, and I consider those things design features, not bugs.

    I did end up buying this particular one with award money I gor a few months ago for going above and beyond at work. The expense is high – almost 2/3 of what I paid for the monitor itself, so the privacy has to be worth it to you.

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